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  •                         Great weather protection.
  •                          Excellent light transmission 
  •          Made to measure - No more Faffing and cutting!
  •          Easy fitting, no more sliding up and down stanchions!
  •                          Helps Prevent crows and pigeons!
  •                        Easy fitting side by side, great fits!
  •                       Different material options available! 
Our standard windbreak offers the most cost effective solution to weather protection. They are manufactured with a tension based system using hooks and ratchets to fix the windbreak to the building. We recommend this product for areas that are relatively low in farm traffic or for high roofed areas not requiring daily
The standard windbreak has straps running horizontally at approximately half meter intervals to give added strength. Please note that as products are made to measure the depth varies widely and as such straps may be placed slightly differently depending upon your requirements.
 With a hook attached on one side and a ratchet with hook at the other, the windbreak can be tightened as necessary, and can be installed and removed easily for added convenience.
 All of these features will give you a lighter barn, excellent ventilation for livestock, protection from birds and vermin for hay, straw and grain - and all without letting the weather in.
 To ensure that your windbreaks fit as they should we ask for Three specific measurements;
The measurement between the stanchions (daylight gap) - If you are unsure on how to measure them, please give us a call on 01455 698 565 and we will happily talk you through it. 
The Depth you require - How deep you would like the mesh to be, for example, a 2.5 metre drop.
The size of the stanchion, and please let us know if you have open facing stanchions as we can provide you with special brackets.