What is with this awful weather?! HELP!

What is with this awful weather?! HELP!

This recent weather has been horrific and not what we all expected, its crept on us all so suddenly and now we don’t know what to do to get prepared for winter and keep our livestock comfortable because we have been running around headless for the last six weeks!’

Have you found yourself looking around for a solution to stop the wind and rain from hurling through your barns?

There is a large market for what you are looking for, however, are they the right products? Are they going to fit your barns to the standard you expect without having to hack at the material to make it fit Or alter your barn to make the standard sizes fit? Are you shopping around for the best value for money? Are you unsure if the straps need reinforcing?














This is all stressful and time consuming! So you then put it off and by which point it is late autumn and your livestock is getting sick with Pneumonia from all this horrific wind and rain. We are all from farming backgrounds, so we can relate, we   have all been there but that’s why we are here to help!


SO….. What if I told you, we have the solution to all your problems with and click of a few buttons?

Our made to measure service means that you won’t have to waste hours cutting down material.

We know that our windbreaks will dramatically reduce the amount of wind and rain by up to 70%, keeping your livestock well ventilated but warm and out of the way when the heavens open! This will reduce the amount of nasty bacteria trapped in the barn, and stop young calves getting damp and cold.










We don’t just produce standard sizes, so if you are after something very specific then we can help you.

And we are very competitive with our prices, so even though they are manufactured only using the best quality materials, they are affordable!


We are relatable and reliable people with over 16 years experience on manufacturing windbreaks and roller blinds. So not only do we have trust in our products, they have been tested and used for over 16 years by our lovely clients! That’s why we provide 10 years guarantee with our standard windbreaks as we know they work.

If you have found yourself looking for a solution, you are not the only one! You will not have to look any further though, why not give us a call for a friendly chat and advice? Its never been easier and less time consuming to order and put up your windbreaks. Don’t leave it until you have vets bills.


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