Do you agree? A 25% supplement sounds great but is it really all that accessible? Will Britain keep this up after Brexit??

"What has the European Union done for young farmers?? . . .

The EU has been particularly keen to support young people working in agriculture. It is widely known that the average age of farmers is increasing and a number of socio-economic factors have come together, acting as barriers or deterrents to young people who want to work on the land. Difficulties... in accessing land and credit, as well as the lure of higher paying jobs in towns and cities, are common reasons to blame.
To encourage young people to work in farming, those under the age of forty receive a 25% supplement to their Pillar 1 subsidy payment for the first five years of their business. They also have access to Pillar 2 funding through various economic, environmental and innovation initiatives. It’s no wonder that some young people are concerned this support may fall by the wayside in a British Agricultural Policy." Ben Eagle

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